Pratibodh Foundation

Pratibodh Foundation gives scholarships, financial aid, grants, and stipends to meet full or part expenses for deserving students to pursue college education in India. The aim of Pratibodh Foundation's programs is to bridge the financial and other gaps that prevent students from economically and socially weaker sections of society from pursuing their dreams of education in schools and colleges

Pratibodh also helps students to get communication, work readiness, and vocational skills through workshops, training programs, mentoring, and counselling sessions. Through its network and association with leading educational institutions and industry, it finds mentors to guide students to pursue quality higher education to succeed in life.

The foundation is conducting free  on-line training program for visually impaired from October 2023. The program covers computer and digital skills, English communication and literacy and work readiness skills. Students with total and partial visual impairment can benefit by attending this program. The basic purpose of the on-line program is to prepare the student, irrespective of their educational background, for work readiness and employment.

With digital access becoming the mainstay for a good education, Pratibodh provides resources like laptops, mobile phones, data cards, data plans, to students to successfully pursue and complete their college education. Competitive examinations have become a requirement for admission to any good and reputed educational institution. While students from metros and major cities can get special coaching to prepare for competitive examinations, poor students from remote areas do not have such facilities. Pratibodh works with selected students by finding access to and providing resources for attending coaching classes for all-India competitive examinations for admission to leading educational institutions.

The Foundation provides financial support and other resources to like-minded organizations for setting up and operating vocational training centres for learning computer skills. Such centers setup especially near remote areas help students from marginalized communities without access to reliable digital infrastructure to attend online classes and access internet facilities.

Pratibodh Foundation through its endowment program to eminent research and teaching institutions in India, awards annual cash prizes for excellence in research to post graduate and doctoral students.

On a broader front, Pratibodh Foundation aims to promote advocacy for inclusive, non-discriminatory, equal opportunity and access, multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary education with excellence and social purpose.