Meeting Objectives and Seeing Some Success

2023- 2024

Ms. Priyashri Mani (DIN: 10120744) was appointed as a Director of the Foundation from April, 29, 2023.

The foundation has been supporting PEAK, Kodaikanal in their various activities from February 2022. It was decided to defer funding for PEAK from April 2023 and therefore funding to PEAK has been stopped.

Sunildass started preparing and appearing for competitive examinations.  While preparing for the examinations, he also started applying for jobs relevant to his field of interest - research in chemistry. He was successful in landing a job as Trainee Research Associate at DSK Innosciences ( in Hosur, Tamilnadu. He was selected based on a written entrance test, followed by an interview and came our successful. This is a life changing opportunity for him to be associated with an innovative company doing contract research and development  in the domain of organic chemistry as applied to pharmaceutical applications for international customers. 

Sunildass was the first student to be sponsored by Pratibodh in August 2020. Besides supporting financially his total college and hostel expenses for the MSc program, Pratibodh provided him a mobile with suitable data plan for attending online classes during the pandemic and also a laptop when regular classes started. Pratibodh also provided him basic English communication training, mentoring by professional in his field, sponsoring and paying for attending  conferences and technical seminars both online and in-person, for doing a summer research project at IISER, Kolkata. Sunil’s abiding interest was in doing a PhD for which he had to qualify in CSIR-NET and GATE examinations. His foundational knowledge in all areas of Chemistry was very weak, primarily due lack of access and opportunity for a good schooling and college education, poor family situation, humble rural background and a host of other structural disadvantages. But he had  a strong desire to succeed and was willing to put in serious effort and persevere against all odds to achieve his dream. Pratibodh supported him for undergoing online and in-person coaching preparing for the competitive examination. He mentioned that he was able to pass the organic chemistry test for his job only because of the training he got at the Hyderabad coaching institute.  After 45 months of support by Pratibodh, Sunil is finally on his own with very good prospect for learning on the job and preparing for a research career in Chemistry. Good luck to him.

Support to Ms. Bowjiya Christina is continuing. She is gaining experience working as Assistant Director with some leading Chennai based  movie Directors and acting in avant-grade theatre productions in Chennai.

Two BCom second year students, Ms. Jothilakshmi and Ms. Pushpakala have successfully completed their second-year examinations. Stipendiary and fees support is continuing for completing their third year. Two laptops, obtained as donation from well-wishers were given to Jothilakshmi and Pusphakala. They will be completing their final year BCom this academic year.


Ms. Sangeetha Thangadurai has joined the MSc. (Zoology) course in Fatima College, Madurai and the foundation has accepted her request to support her through the two year program. She is also preparing for TPSC (Tamilnadu Public Service Commission) examinations. 


Support for Ms. Jayashree M (Class X) and Ms. Anagha M (Class V1) studying in Christ The King English School, Bengaluru, is continuing.


Ms. Sajana Vignesh successfully obtained her engineering degree in electronics and communication engineering  in 2023 and has secured a job as a Technical Assistant with Cherry Precision Products in Coimbatore.


Support for Mr. R Sridharan who is now in third year of BCom at SRM Trichy Arts and Science College is continuing. He has appeared for campus interviews and evaluating some job offers. His sister, Ms. Subhshini R, who entered class 12 is also being supported by the foundation.

Mr. Jana Tharan J who joined the BE Computer Science  Course at Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore in September 2023 was in need of a laptop. Foundation procured a refurbished laptop and provided to him

Innervision Foundation, Coimbatore has been conducting online training program for visually impaired since 2020. Ms. Latha Mani as a governing member of the Innervision Foundation started the program. Originally intended as a class room program was converted to an on-line program due to restrictions imposed by COVID Pandemic. The online program  with no geographical limitations, and no transportation requirements was a great benefit for the visually impaired. Till August 2023, 9 batches have benefitted from the  training program and more than 90 students have successfully completed the program. Since Innervision Foundation decided to discontinue the program beyond August 2023, Pratibodh Foundation decided to take over the program and continue the free online training for visually impaired starting from October 2023. Dr. (Mrs.) Ellangothai Mani and Mr. R Jaganathan will be the coaches for the program. First batch 11 students who successfully completed the training program conducted by Pratibodh Foundation were awarded the certificates in  December 2023. The second batch of students are now undergoing the training.

Mr. Suresh Kumar who is visually challenged had undergone the VI training in 2023 and wanted to go for further training in Enable India (

 in Bengaluru. He was in need for partial financial assistance and Pratibodh decided to fund him a monthly stipend for four months to underatke the training.