Launch of Pratibodh Foundation


Pratibodh Foundation was incorporated on August 4, 2020.

The foundation launched its activities in September 2020. The operation began in a small way to identify the focus areas of work, assemble the resources required, fulfil the immediate needs of identified students, and gain an understanding of the range of services that are needed by students and can be provided to support their educational needs. The Covid-19 pandemic posed new challenges due to lack of digital aids and on-line education facilities, loss of regular income in learning members of the families to continue the education of their wards/children and a host of other structural issues.

During the year 2020-21 Pratibodh Foundation undertook the following five programs:

The student comes from a socially and economically disadvantaged background. Despite that, with his diligence, determination, and dreams and with support from community, teachers, and well -wishers, he was able to complete college education to become the first science graduate in his community. He supported his family, by working alongside his education during summer and in spare time as an agricultural hand. His dreams of continuing his education to pursue a research career in Chemistry was in jeopardy due to his dire financial situation. Pratibodh Foundation stepped in to sponsor and support his post graduate education.

The sponsorship besides funding the college and hostel fees, also provides digital aids like mobile phone, laptop, books, data charges, stipend for basic travel, photocopying and printing. A highly qualified English teacher works as a coach and mentor for training on basic English communication - spoken and written.  

The Foundation’s support to deserving students, is based on the premise that unless end-to-end support and aid is provided, it will be exceedingly difficult for students to succeed in a highly competitive and resource intensive education in a good institution. Therefore, the attempt is to identify all the needs of the student and provide help both financial and others including mentorship and guidance. Based on the success of this experience, the foundation will prepare detailed plans on how to scale this approach for sustainable support.

The Covid 19 pandemic made it impossible for poor tribal and Dalit students from remote hill communities in and around Kodaikanal to participate in online classes due to lack of computers, mobile phones, connectivity, and other digital resources. Considering this immediate need, the NGO, PEAK (People’s Education and Action in Kodaikanal) which has been working in the area for 30 years, requested assistance for setting up a small computer center for online learning facilities in the premises of the Sacred Heart College in Shenbaganur. PEAK provides free boarding and lodging facilities to tribal and Dalit students in the Sacred Heart College campus and conducts various education and skills training camps.

Pratibodh Foundation collaborated with PEAK, Shenbaganur and fully funded the setting up of a 5-seat computer center with internet connectivity and other infrastructure. The center started functioning from November 30, 2020, in the Sacred Heart College campus in Shenbaganur, Kodaikanal.

PEAK Computer Center, Sacred Heart College campus, Shenbaganur, Kodaikanal

The foundation financed school fees for a student to continue his class XI studies, since his father lost livelihood due to Covid-19 lock-downs and was not able to pay the fees to school to continue the education.