Training for Visually Impaired

Pratibodh Foundation is conducting free on-line training program for the visually impaired from October 2023. Three-months programs are conducted thrice every year (January to March, May to July, September to November). The program covers computer and digital skills, English communication and literacy and work readiness skills. Students with total and partial visual impairment can benefit by attending this program. The basic purpose of the on-line program is to prepare the student, irrespective of their educational background, for work readiness and employment.


Dr. (Mrs.) Ellangothai Mani is the coach for English communication and literacy module. Mr. R Jagannathan is the coach for the computer and digital skills module. Both the coaches are themselves visually impaired. Professionals from the academia, business & industry, who have overcome the challenges of their visual impairment to succeed in life function as role models for the students participating in the program, talk about their life experience, advice students on how to prepare for employment and motivate them to overcome their challenges. Students are also enrolled at the completion of the program as a member of the “Bookshare” initiative ( that gives on-line access to largest collection of accessible e-books for individuals with print disability such as blindness or low vision. Motivational and inspirational lectures are also organized from successful visually impaired professionals to guide and motivate the students to overcome their inhibitions and create a successful path for themselves in the world of the sighted.


Upon successful completion of the program, the students receive a certificate from Pratibodh Foundation.